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Write and record a story/song/poem about your trip to the moon.

Volume 1 is onsale! 
Submit your stories for volume 2, see the rules.

Things are happening. THINGS!

I've been quiet, but you all have not.   You've been writing stories!  And performing them!  And sending them to me!  How cool is that?
You can read/hear the stories on this page, and you will undoubtedly see for yourself that some of them are quite good.
I'm not making any promises.  I'm not setting any timelines.  But it may be the case that I've been tinkering around a bit with what could well turn into a second volume of Moon Taxi stories on the XBOX. 
Perhaps you should finish that story you've been sitting on?

The first review is in. . .

"By the end of the demo I was digging for my credit card..."

Download Moon Taxi for your 360 now!

It's out! It's been about year of scheming and work.  And a lot of awesome help from awesome people!   Congratulations all!

XBOX Approved!

Moon Taxi has finally made it through the XBOX review system! It should be for sale world wide within hours!  I'll post a link when it's up!  Yeah!

And the winners are. . . .

It was really tough to pick "winners."   People put time, care and effort into my little project here (now our project by virtue of your participation).  I really, really appreciate that. 
To those of you who submitted audio recordings: I am particularly grateful, not just because of the extra effort involved, but because you put yourselves out there.  It can be hard enough to submit your creative writing for public scrutiny.  But to lend your voice to it as well is a bold offering well outside the normal boundaries of our daily lives. 
Winner for best story with a performance:
Moon Dust, by Shelby Couch
Winner for best story:
Conference Call, by Ben Wimmer
The contest is over, but I'm still accepting submissions!  It's not to late to get your story in the game!

Contest Closed

Thank you all so much for your submissions.  Picking winners won't be easy.  I had no idea how international the response would be.  I've got stories from Australia, Cameroon, England, India, Ireland, Pakistan, the Philippines, the USA and hopefully no where that I forgot.  Thanks world!

Getting Closer!

The contest ends at the end of the month! Zounds! Entries are still coming in.  It's not too late!  If you have any questions about your submission, email
Lots of work's been going on with the game to get it nice and ready for submission for the XBOX Indie Games program.  I've been applying a bit of digital spitshine to things.  The videos don't quite do it justice anymore.  I'll see if I can't shine them up a bit too in the next few weeks.  Very exciting.  I'm excited.  You should probably be excited too.

pets, booze, troubled pasts, weight loss and more

It's been so long!  What's going on?
Stories!  That's what.  We've got 13 stories up now and 5 recordings (and a few more in the pipeline).  Take a few quick trips to the moon on the stories page.  There's comedy, romance, drama, zombies, sports, pets, booze, troubled pasts, weight loss and more.
My other excuse is awesome as well.  You may know that this project is my Master's thesis which I'm defending this week.  Wish me luck.  Don't go thinking the project stops there.  Oh no.  The stories are still coming in.  The contest is still running till February.  More awesomeness is one the way.

Why didn't I take pictures!?

Last night I took a little trip and conducted my first story recording session with a fistful of college students. In addition to the fame and glory you can achieve by submitting a Moon Taxi story, I plied them with donuts and pop. Fancy pop. In fancy bottles.

I had a great time and the students couldn't have been completely miserable because I did get a fair amount of laughter on tape.

And by tape, I mean hard drive. For the curious, I was recording with an unremarkable laptop and a nifty little usb device, the M-Audio Fast Track Pro (and a microphone).

This would be the perfect point in this post to add a photo from the event. yeah. I didn't think to take any pictures.

Things to do next time:
* Take pictures
* Bring powered speakers for playback
* Bring a microphone stand

Thanks students of MC 111, their actor friends, and Professor Scott!

I'll put their stories up on this site once I get the text.